E-Journal of Severe Storms Meteorology

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Roger and I have been working hard this fall along with a group of top notch researchers and meteorologists to create the first ever completely independent Open-Access e-journal for severe storms meteorology. This group is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in, and free and universal accessibility to, scientific publications. We hope to offer several new strategies for advanced publication along the lines of OPEN ACCESS journals in other fields of science:

  • online publishing (to order to significantly reduce time to publication)
  • open access publishing (to allow accessibility at no costs for everyone worldwide)
  • open peer-review for a fair and transparent evaluation
  • a publication process that will foster scientific discussions
    and to enhance effectiveness and transparency of scientific quality control

  • personalized copyright to leave the rights for non-commercial use to the authors
  • e-citation of articles to provide unique and simple URL addresses for all e-publications
  • worldwide archiving + indexing for maximum dissemination and impact
  • digital documents for independent printing-on-demand

    Open access (OA) publishing means that the literature published online (on the Internet) is accessible free of charge for everyone and not only for the subscribers as in case of traditional publishing.

    Stayed tuned for a formal announcement soon! Take a sneak peek here:

    Happy New Year! EE


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